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2024 Slate of Sports Dramas – Movies

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Travel Ball, an original screenplay by Bruce McAlester, is an ensemble sports drama about a father and daughter struggling to hold on. It’s about intense competition driving a wedge between best friends, and a coach who lives through his players to rewind his past. They’re all on a collision course with hope, money, and the love of a simple game.

A licensing agreement has been reached with Major League Baseball, and the script vetted by Manchester City F. C., Perfect Game, and ECNL for production partnerships.

2024 Slate of Sports Dramas – Television

The Academy - Where Phenoms Meet

Imagine student-athletes navigating the high-pressure youth sports world, fueled by media headlines, sports psychologists, parental expectations, and aggressive agents. The teen drama series explores the temptation of NIL money, performance enhancers, and the inherent drama of adolescence all set on the backdrop of the most scenic and technologically advanced high-school campus on earth, The Academy.

Original screenplays, script coverage, pitch decks, budgets, etc., are available upon request to be submitted by Greenberg Glusker, LLP.


Bruce Caulk McAlester, an Emmy and Telly Award-winning filmmaker, has directed features and short films (Con Man, Roast It Again Sam), documentaries (Chelsea’s Light, Risky Business in Reno), and short-form content around the world since graduating from USC Cinema/Television. McAlester is considered an “actor’s director” (trained at RADA, London, studied improv with Julliard’s Stephen Book) and is attached to direct Travel Ball. He’s been a DGA member since 2004 and represented by Greenberg Glusker.

Con Man Movie

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Ving Rhames, Bruce McAlester, Barry Minkow

Bruce directed Con Man, distributed by Sony and selected to screen at the DGA. The film tells the redemption gone wrong story of Barry Minkow, the youngest person to defraud Wall Street. The temptation of Hollywood fame and short-selling greed drives an unexpected, real-life, third-act twist that lands Barry in prison a second time. The ensemble cast includes James Caan, Ving Rhames, Mark Hamill, Elisabeth Rohm, Talia Shire, Armand Assante, and Justin Baldoni.

Short Form Content

Lions Gate & Tigar Hare Studios tapped director Bruce McAlester for his visual style and ability to work with dramatic actors. Bruce directed the talented lead actress Natasha Calis in the motion poster for the hit film, The Possession. This digital project was awarded the Hollywood Reporter Key Art Award.



The most important project on Bruce’s slate with regards to making a difference in society is Chelsea’s Light, A Brother’s Journey. The Chelsea’s Light Foundation, a 501c3, contacted the EMMY award-winning documentary director to create a powerful, thought-provoking film to raise awareness about the insidious world of child predators.

Bruce McAlester, Tyler King

Comedy Shorts

Of all the Joe joints in all the world…
Short Film



The Los Angeles Times, Fortune Magazine and local network affiliates have interviewed Bruce about his film Con Man. The movie’s subject matter has also been profiled on 60 Minutes, Oprah, American Greed, CNN, FOX News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times.

Bruce McAlester, Paige Mobley
Influencer Award recipient Chelsea’s Light


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